New Energy

New Energy

Wind Turbine Moulding,Solar Panel Production,Solar Module Lamination
Non-stick PTFE fabrics used as release products (sheets and belts) in the vacuum lamination process of rigid or flexible Photovoltaic modules.

To lining of Vulcanizing. As release films in the manufacture of composite materials in the aerospace, for the racing cars, surfboards, and boat hulls. There are porous PTFE glass fabric as a release sheet between the resin surface and the Sauggeweben in an autoclave.

There is separation between layers for the production of wheels. When writing of roughing and blades make aluminium plates that the wheels during the drying time which cannot be tolarated and occurred through the resin flow, Renowned producer supplement or replace some of the aluminium plates with PTFE-coated glass fabric discs. The PTFE fabric between layers are much thinner and can be easily removed. The separation between layers can be used again. 

As transport belts from PTFE-coated fabrics for double belt presses, where liable and aggressive laminated and coated materials.

As cooling bands for the flooring production and cooling down the hot pads to be collected. 

As transport belts from PTFE-coated fabrics for curing and transporting hot rubber and plastic profiles for producing the rubber goods. As the release films from PTFE-coated glass-fiber fabrics for the plastic window production. 

Cable and hose manufacturers use PTFE cloth and glass slides for products that must resist to high temperatures. High temperature cables found in furnaces, aircraft, engines, coils, transformers, etc. 

In aviation, automotive industry and air conditioning systems are silicone-coated glass fabric for the manufacture of air hoses leadership for high ambient temperatures.